Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too Much Law and Order SVU

An English gentleman I worked with in the US sent me instructions on how to make proper English Tea. Lucky for me, my temp accommodations provides all one needs to make proper tea. This morning is my first attempt. I think I need it after last night...

I love Law and Order. Every Saturday and Sunday morning I would wake up and watch the marathon on TNT. You can imagine my delight last night when I discovered the Universal channel that claims to provide all of America's best crime shows. I hit the jackpot with a SVU marathon! After multiple episodes and two Strongbows, I went to bed. In my dreams, Mariska (aka Olivia Benson) and I were close to finding the bad guy. Only then did I hear a door shut and it woke me up. I stayed still for a few moments and then heard footsteps. Convinced someone had broken in, I turned on the lights, jumped out of bed and checked all three rooms of my flat police style (Olivia would be so proud). When the coast was clear and my heart stopped beating so fast, I heard my neighbor cough and smelled his cigarette smoke. No one was breaking in, my neighbor had decided he needed a 1:00 am smoke in his garden behind my flat.

I need a stun gun for future police work. My tea pot would not have done me much good if I had encountered someone breaking in. Off to drink my tea out of said teapot....

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  1. OMG thank you for that post!! Really! I finally came out of the crazy closet and told Luke this little ditty. While Alex was at Mother's Day Out, I was all piddling around the house and whatever. Then I hear the iPhone email "bing" I check my phone. Nothing. So, what gives? It is only noon, so I am not hallucinating, and I KNOW I heard that damn thing. So, obviously, someone has broken in to my house and is hiding in my trash pantry.

    What do I do? I leave my house, only to park around the corner of said house convinced that whoever was just hiding in my pantry would HAVE to exit out the front door (cause, of course, they have a key to lock the door behind them.) You can only assume that nobody left....and that it was Luke's iPad that was making the "bing" sound.

    But, Olivia would be proud. And since Sarah and Steve saw Stabler at the Derby, I can assume he would be proud too.