Sunday, May 22, 2011


A little English mustard goes a long way.

I was feeling very British and decided to have a mature cheddar and mustard sandwich for dinner.  That might sound unappealing to most but to me it sounded easy to make (remember that my cooking skills are poor).  Note to anyone using English mustard:  a little goes a long way!  I looked at the ingredient list positive that wasabi was the main ingredient, but no such luck.  All the tea in the world could not make my nose stop burning!

1 comment:

  1. Huh. I like English things (except putting mayo on ev.ry.thing.) and what's not to like?? Maybe next time put some meat on that and it will be better?? Although, two weeks in to being a Brit, I am not sure I would trust their 'meat' choices. Maybe it's horse or cat or something else, um, 'off'? No, you are right. Better to stick to just cheese and mustard.

    PS: Funny thing I read, did you know that funny gal from Bridesmaids is actually, real life married to the Air Marshall Guy? That makes the last scene funnier....and yet creepier. Cause know I know he does like her flap. Yeah.....