Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Thursday in London

Copied from an email I sent my family about last Thursday....
Funny now but I almost sat down in the middle of the road and cried at 8:30 this morning.  I left my flat early so I had plenty of time if I got lost but apparently I didn't leave early enough.  After a malfunction with my oyster card and people getting upset because I was blocking the gate to the tube, I stood in the assistance line only to be told that tube thought I was already inside.  (Don't ask.)  I was so excited because this was going to be my first day of living in the city and using public transportation.  I found my way (walking) to the tube station and made it to the right stop for the hotel where my interviews would take place.  The Tube is brilliant because each morning they leave The Metro (free public smut newspaper) so everyone gets a dose of the scandals that occurred overnight.  The only one I can remember is that Snoop Dogg was in London and asked for a football jersey and the producer of the venue didn't like that team so he gave Snoop a XXX and now they call him Hoop Dogg.)  I can't believe I missed his show.  Anyway, I got off the tube and was going to use my BB to get walking directions but the BB doesn't allow walking direction (I miss my iPhone).  In fact, nothing worked on my BB so I decided to just walk and ask for directions.  No one knew where the hotel was nor had they heard of it.  I finally (after pouting on the street corner) stopped a Black Cab and asked him if he would take me somewhere.  I think he thought I was drunk because he just started laughing. Eventually I explained I was lost and we figured out where I was trying to go.  He told it was right there and pointed and said I could walk.  I told him to drive me there so we went around the block and after paying 5GBP, I was there.  Oh and a trip that should have taken 45 minutes took twice as long.

After a long day I arrived back at my flat and so far tonight have only blown up one thing...American phones do not work in the UK!  I then tried to rigged my flat's phone into Magic Jack but it didn't work and the concierge had to come down and replug it in for me since i couldn't figured it out.  Magic Jack now works at least through the computer.

Just finished a bowl of imported Honey Nut Cheerios (semi skimmed milk is tolerable with cereal).  Just thought I would share my adventures. Tomorrow I am taking the train to the other office for driving school.  oh yea!

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  1. Poor Jenji!! I'll leave a glass of wine out for you. You know, one for my homies!