Saturday, May 21, 2011

Microwave Popcorn

After posting my first blog, I wanted to treat myself to some microwave popcorn and a Strongbow.  Now I haven't had microwave popcorn for about 5 years but for some reason it sounded good.  Maybe because my neighbors are making it and I can smell it?  I popped it in the microwave, set the time, removed that metal shelf thing I had never seen before in a microwave and poured myself a Strongbow.  Several seconds later I heard a weird noise and noticed what appeared to be lightening bolts in the microwave.  What the hell?  Is that metal shelf a necessity or is US microwave popcorn not compatible to the UK?  (For those of you keeping track, I will not add this to my list of things I have blown up since arriving in the UK however I have not tested the microwave to ensure it still works.)

I can hear my husband now saying that this doesn't surprise him, I am not the most gifted individual in the kitchen.  I think his favorite story of me is when i was in-charge of the french fries for dinner one night.  He grilled the burgers and wanted to know when the fries would be ready.  I informed him I was still waiting for the oil in the fry daddy to boil before I put them in.  i think beer came out of his nose as he informed me that the oil only "bubbles" when the fries are in it. 

Things I can't cook...2


  1. Ok, 1) Cooking is overrated. Anyone who disagrees is just trying to toot their own horn and make you feel less than for not knowing the little thingies that you put on a rack of lamb aren't just funny little hats that are used solely for comedic purposes. Last I checked people have been surviving for a wicked long time with out those little hats.

    2)When treating yourself, microwave popcorn is always a sad, sad choice. Pony up and at least make yourself a PB&J.

    3) I find it ironic that cooked popcorn smells so yummy, but burnt popcorn makes me check to see that Jock or Charlie are on fire. And even while it is nice, you would never buy someone a candle of, say, microwave popcorn. Kinda like a grilled steak. Smells great, but I can't see those flying off the shelves.

    So next time you celebrate anything, go bigger than a bag of Orville.


  2. True story: when we moved into our apartment there was a metal shelf in the microwave. I still have no idea WHY it was there but we removed it immediately.